Holiday Gift Cards 2014

In 2014, I had the pleasure of working with Starbucks Creative Studio on the ongoing series of gift cards. The cards were created within the existing design system of multi-layered PVC, and include exciting finishes such as hot foil stamping. The cards are an iconic part of the Starbucks brand, highly giftable and coveted by collectors.

All told, I created more than 40 designs and illustrated over 30 cards with the Creative Studio. One of the most iconic cards is the "Snowman Card," which is widely distributed across the globe.

The collection shared here is the series of Holiday-themed cards I designed and illustrated.

Thank you for looking!

Illustration: Chelsea Wirtz
AD: Fumi James, John Cannell, Derik Shimizu, Starbucks Creative Studio

© 2013–2015 Starbucks Coffee

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