A Journey of Discovery: One Cup at a Time
Partnering with Starbucks coffee experts and Touch Worldwide Producers in Seattle, I was asked in 2019 to join the team bringing the Starbucks Coffee Academy to life. The project brief called for a 150-page manual introducing partners to the world of coffee, and it was my role to drive engagement with a thoughtful series of content-supporting illustrations.

The 100, 200, and 300 Academy series manuals are born of dedication to craft coffee, and aim to support Starbucks partners and baristas as they journey into the world of Coffea arabica. The illustrations are partnered with world-class photography and sleek design to deepen a reader's connection to the Starbucks brand and coffee as an art form.

It Begins With a Tiny Coffee Bean

The first of a planned series, Level 100 presents a broad overview of coffee brewing and cultivation for those just beginning their coffee education journey. It touches on coffee-growing origins, principles of roasting and tasting, finding your way around an espresso machine, and basic drink recipes. 


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