Starbucks Coffee Academy
One Cup At A Time: Building Sensory Skills

Since 2019, I have been working with the Starbucks Learning & Development Global Coffee to bring their educational series, Coffee Academy to life. We have worked on seven volumes together, with One Cup At A Time: Building Sensory Skills being the latest installation. Coffee Academy is presented with the goal of aiding Partners and coffee enthusiasts in developing a deeper appreciation for the coffee story, from bean to cup.
My role for this second One Cup At A Time volume was to aid the team of coffee experts, writers, and designers by creating illustrations to tell the sensory skill story. The brief called for illustrations that walked the line between true to life and aspirational.

Worksheet Illustrations

The textbook also includes worksheet pages to encourage journaling and hands-on tasting methods (and maybe even doodling). I created 30 black and white line drawings for use on the various worksheets.

Illustration: Chelsea Wirtz
Design: J Adam Brinson
AD: Dayra Haugo
Copywriting: Ann-Marie Kurtz and Ellen Terry
Copyediting: Thomas Prowell
Photography: Sam Veatch
Project Managing: Bridgette MacDonald and Laura Gomiero

© 2023 Starbucks Coffee

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